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Nike the running shoe market


In order to continue the article series about four greatest running shoe brands in the world running shoe market, in this article, I will introduce to you one of the best sport brands in all over the world, which is Nike (the direct competitor of Adidas, which was mentioned in the previous article). I hope that this article would help you to have a comparison between Adidas and Nike. From that, you could choose the suitable brand for yourself.

The company history

The forerunner of Nike is the Blue Ribbon Sport Company (BRS), which was created by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman in 1964 at Eugene, Oregon, US. At that time, BRS was just a distributor of a Japanese sport shoe brand – Onitsuka Tiger, which later became Asics. After that, in 1971, this company changed the name to become Nike Inc. It is true that this name was based on the name of a goddess who personified victory, also known as the Winged Goddess of Victory in Greek mythology. Nowadays, Nike is a top brand in the field of production of sport shoes, clothes and accessories in the world.

The typical technologies of Nike

Nike Air

Nike Air is operated on the principle of compressed air and putted air in a bag, which is made of flexible rubber at the heel or foot memories (or even both). In fact, this will help reduce collision pressure during exercise and then will return to its original state. Besides, this also allows the foot to land a quieter way, the skeletal muscles; ligaments would be less impact than the maximum. Thus, it helps to protect feet, limiting the injury during training process.

Nike Free

Nike Free technology is rooted from the idea wants to make a normal running shoe, which use to run on road to become a running shoe uses to run on the air or on the grass, just increase the flexibility of the foot, while providing qualified protection necessary to protect the legs when needed. To make this idea to become true, Nike Free has created a buffer layer is extremely flexible; helping hugging the base from the toes to the heel. Therefore, Nike Free technology is just only applied into running shoe line.


Hyperfuse technology is made from a combination of three special layers, which are bound together with high temperatures. The first layer is a synthetic leather inner support base layer. The second layer is an ultra-lightweight mesh and ventilation and the final layer is TPU film are pressed at the junction temperature increases maximum durability. As a result, this combination created a Hyperfuse structure to help increase performance and exhaust a formidable. Thereby, your feet always feel cool and comfortable when you run.

Nike Flywire

Nike Flywire technology is applied on almost current Nike sports shoes, such as soccer, tennis, basketball or running shoes and so on. In reality, this technology is the arranging the wires are two sides of the shoes to help reduce the level effect and increase support to athletes. Hence, the shoe body always tight on your feet and keep your legs as being dishevelled air movement. Indeed, the function of this small rope like a suspension bridge cables, supporting the foot, heel while running to reduce the impact and cause injuries to the legs, increased motor performance at maximum.


In conclusion, with the facts mentioned above, Nike deserves with the number one position in the world running shoe market. On the contrary, in fact, Nike does not get high appreciations from professional runners. In my opinion, the three main reasons for this are firstly, the price of Nike running shoe is quite high. Secondly, the durability of the shoes is not good (comparison with Adidas). Finally, it is matter of the fact that Nike is one of the greatest corporations about manufacturing sport shoes, but the strongest shoe type of Nike is training shoe, not running shoe. However, the design of Nike shoe in general is really beautiful and fashion. Because of this, if you are people, who like running shoes could be used for training as well as stroll or even going to work, surely, Nike is the best choice for you.